A brief presentation of Local Action Group (LAG - AN.OL. S.A)

The Development Agency of Olympia S.A (AN.OL.S.A.) is a company of members of Local Authorities according to the article 291 paragraph 1(a) of P.D 410/95 M.C.C. ...

The Staff of the Company

The company has been staffed with the following specialists: Chemical engineer: General Manager-Consultant of local development ...

A brief presentation of our Projects

The Development Agency of Olympia S.A (AN.OL.S.A.) has designed and implemented four (4) LEADER Local Programs in the Prefecture of Ilia since 1997 ...

Προσκλήσεις - Προκηρύξεις ΕΣΠΑ

Ανακοινώσεις ΕΣΠΑ 2014-2020


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Development Agency of Olympia S.A.