LEADER program (AXIS 4) for period 2009-2015

The Program is designed by bottom-up approach is financed from the European Union and aims at the integrated development of the area through cooperation with private and public local partners. The total budget was 9.678.608,69€

LEADER+ (2001-2009)

The program refers the same area and the total budget for this European project was 8.844.317,21€

LEADER II program (1997-2001) in the mountain and disadvantageous area of Ilia Prefecture

The total budget which administrated from AN.OL. SA was 4.079.237,00€

RECOVER (2005-2007)

Recon-version of rural villages as an opportunity for economic development) aims at protecting and safeguarding the infrastructural, natural and cultural heritage of the rural territory. The objectives of the sub-project are the spreading of cultural conservation (architectural and historical buildings and settlements), the exchange of good practices and activation of social actors. 

The HERODOT (2009)

Tourism uses of the historic environment. Know how transfer and quality management practices at community level – Herodot


Source of funding: (ERDF) 423.570€, public money 268.660€