Rural Development Program (RDP) of Greece 2014-2020 – CLLD/LEADER

The Rural Development Program (RDP) of Greece 2014-2020 is one of the most  important growth promoting tools of the country.

It is based on a vision for integrated development and sustainable competitiveness of rural areas, moreover RPD aims to the enhancement at the competitive potential of the agri-food sector, the promotion of the multifunctional role of rural areas and protect the environment.

The rural strategy development during the programming period 2014-2020 ensures the continuity of the operations implemented during the previous programming period while constituting a starting point for new innovative operations in rural areas and the rural economy.

Local Program Ilias Prefecture –CLLD/LEADER EAFRD

Local Program CLL/ LEADER has been approved with 3206/2016 decision of Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

The main objective of the Local Program is to exploit the comparative advantages of the local economy and society, in order to enhance competitiveness, extroversion, growth and employment in terms of environmental sustainability and social justice.

Actions can be financed: 

  1. a) Public interest projects that contribute directly or indirectly to the service and improvement of local population life’s quality, as well as  the development of local economy 
  2. b) Private projects: crafts and small industries, tourism projects, service, trade, cooperation projects /clusters

The intervention area is the Ilia Prefecture apart from the cities of Amaliada and Pirgos.

Total budget of the Local Program: 6.850.000,00 €